Frequently asked questions about Xopi

We have tried to answer the most common questions and listed these below. If your question is not answered, please use the contact page to send us an message

The XOPI is a soap dispenser that works with solid soap

Solid soap is available almost everywhere, locally produced and cheap.

Liquid soap is soap mixed with water, and often additional additives. Liquid soap does not have the natural oils that most solid soap contains. Solid soap is at least as effective as liquid soap and much cheaper and more efficient in use. Solid soap bars do not require refills in plastic bottles and is therefore less demanding on the environment: less plastic waste and transport.

No, the Xopi is only to be filled with solid soap bars

In principle yes, but exposure to long periods of damp conditions or exposed to direct spray of water will make the soap in the container soggy and then the grating effect is reduced.

It is better not to expose the device to continuous rain. Heavy rain may splash the soap via the handle at the bottom and make the soap soggy.

Yes, the XOPI can be put in the sun. The materials are UV resistant, certified for 3 years (Tropical Africa strength), but it is better to put the device in the shade to prevent soap to dry out too much.

The XOPI has four points to fix the device against a flat vertical surface. The XOPI comes with set of screws and plugs and a drilling pattern on an A4 sheet, for easy measurement .

A properly fixed XOPI to a solid vertical flat wall, is tested to withstand a minimum of 250 kg of force of 8 hours duration before the plastic containers would be damaged. The plastic parts are certified under European standards and so is the steel. The durability of the scraper depends on its use and to some degree on the type of soap. Very hard old soap with sandy particles will have a greater abrasive effect than slightly softer soaps. Experience has shown the XOPI to last for many years without any problem.

The XOPI has been subjected to various tests, as prescribed by the TüV: a renowned European (German) product certifying body, and the XOPI is certified to comply with the European standard for product safety (Directive 2001-95).

No special maintenance is required, but cleaning the device now and then before refilling may be necessary.

If the container is empty the device can be cleaned with water from the bottom, but make sure that the device is fully dry before use again.

It is possible to order the handle and scraper separately, but under normal conditions it is not necessary.

The website provides an instruction video and you can download an ‘infographic’ on how to refill. The top end knob needs to be turned about 30 times while pushing the rod up from the bottom. When it is up far enough it can be pushed aside on the edge, so that the handle can be pushed back, opening the container at the bottom for a refill. It is made intentionally a little difficult to do, and it takes time, so as to prevent the soap to be stolen easily. There is no key, because that has the risk of getting lost.

This grates the soap more effectively and allows the last small pieces of soap to be used as well. If the tolerance was smaller, the soap may get stuck.

There is no minimum order, but production costs and transport costs are higher for small orders.

By filling out our contact form on the website, requesting for information or a quotation.

It is the price of the device, excluding Value added tax (VAT/BTW), transport , import duties, other taxes, insurance, but inclusive of packaging and handling fees. The price depends on the quantity of the order, the location, the transport costs, duties and taxes in country. Bulk discounts apply for larger orders. In some countries we have local agents with exclusive rights to import, sale and distribution: Local rates apply

The suppliers of the various parts need to set up the production machinery for each batch. These are fixed costs. Once this setup is done, the greater the numbers to be produced, the lower these ’overheads’. Larger shipments will also reduce the per unit costs.

That depends on the country of import and the tax status of the recipient. Import duties and levies may apply. A 21% VAT (BTW) rate applies for customers in the Netherlands, and 0% for orders shipped outside the Netherlands.

We work with standard Terms and Conditions. The XOPI is made to last and is a durable and  rugged product. If installed correctly, and used as intended, the device should not break. The XOPI is warranted for production errors and flaws; each batch of production is tested for flaws and breaks.  The items should be checked upon delivery to ensure that items are in good condition.

The XOPI is produced in the international lime green colour for Sanitation & Hygiene in the WASH sector (Water, Sanitation and Hygiene). It is possible to produce the XOPI in a different colour, but the variations are limited and can only be done if a production batch is 1,000 or higher. We do however not work with very bright colours, as to avoid chemical additives which are harmful for the environment.

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