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Zuiderplastics BV is specialised in plastic moulding. Zuiderplastics is committed to corporate social responsibility. In cooperation with the UWV (Dutch Employee Insurance Schemes Implementing Body), they provide opportunities to local youth with limited prospects in the labour market. Through this Social Return on Investment (SROI), Zuiderplastics wants to contribute to the local economy and the social cohesion of the region.

Zuiderplastics has been a partner from the start and have been instrumental in the development of the XOPI and now take care of the blowing of the plastic casings and are responsible for the final assembling of the XOPI.

RWANDA - XOPI authorised dealer

Mrs Liliane Sandra Kente (Eng) is a dedicated WASH professional and managing director of  Envirotech.  Mrs Kente provides advice and project support to WASH programmes in and outside her country Rwanda. Liliane is our official sales agent for Rwanda. Download here the  Envirotech profile.

email:   envirotech.consults@gmail.com


Klein Mechaniek‘ has been involved in the development of the XOPI right from the start. Oscar Klein founded the firm in 1999. Based on his love for product design and with his ingenious view on production processes, all projects are given the attention they deserve: in a well thought-out manner. Over the years, Klein Mechaniek has expanded to include a skilled team of experts. In addition to craftsmanship and craft, cooperation with partners and teamwork is one of the pillars of the company. The company brings to Xanitation Solutions specialised knowledge and know-how for  plastic production and the craft of injection molding, and true cooperation in design and production of parts.




Envirosan (South Africa)  –  offers a comprehensive range of plastic injection moulding services, concentrating specifically on environmentally friendly sanitation systems, using advanced plastic injection moulding machinery and superior plastic injection moulding techniques.

Envirosan is a market leader in provision of sanitation solutions in the WASH sector in Southern Africa, serving many local public bodies and working closely with national and international Non Government Organisations.

Envirosan partners XS in the introduction and distribution of XOPI’s into South Africa.


DB, which is known as De Baanderij is based in Gouda (The Netherlands), provides not-for-profit logistical assistance to humanitarian organisations and development partners, with a unique and realistic difference to most commercial firms. Testimonials from large and small NGOs assisted by DB show that the approach and free of charge services result in substantial savings in humanitarian and aid operations; money earmarked by the donors for specific purposes can be fully utilised for its purpose and goods shipped to most isolated places actually get there. De Baanderij provides free of charge forwarding and shipping services to Xanitation Solutions to ensure that much needed XOPIs arrive at their destinations.

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