Our vision

Access to hand hygiene: XOPIs in every school, health post, market, and other public places around the world

Our Vision

XOPIs used everywhere around the world

Why Xopi?

Handwashing with soap is critical to ensure that healthcare staff provide quality care, reduce the spread of infections, and protect the health of communities, that school children are protected against germs, viruses and parasites, that people in markets, at home or in the work place do not get sick.

The most common and affordable form of soap available in local markets in developing countries is solid soap. Bars of soap are sold almost everywhere, …so what’s the problem?

Where soap is provided in public places, it is very often misused, dropped on a dirty/wet floor or in a drain, misplaced or taken for personal use or eaten by goats and rodents, resulting of soap not being available when needed.

We developed a soap grating dispenser that keeps a bar of soap safely stored in a container, allowing efficient release of soap flakes, preventing easy removal of the bar of soap, away from hungry animals, keeping the soap dry and clean. We tested and perfected the XOPI for over 2 years and rolled out in several countries. 

How do we achieve our goal?

XS aims to operate as a socially responsible business (SRB)

We seek to leverage business for a more sustainable world, by working with partners with similar visions and by producing a durable product, with highest impact in its use and lowest possible environmental impact, targeting developing countries with the greatest need. We aim to maximise turnover in order to invest and subsidise our products for beneficiaries in developing countries, who are not directly supported by international aid agencies in the financing or purchase of XOPIs.

We achieve this by:

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